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 CPD Package

Education Technology is more than just robotics days and computer science. Computing can be used across all subject areas to engage, motivate and promote effective learning.

We offer an EdTech professional development package that creates an effective CPD offering for the entire school that bring tangible benefits to all of your staff. Which includes:

  • Face-to-face support for schools and academies to improve outcomes and engagement

  • 1 Place on the EdTech Advocate programme

  •  Coordinator Network Meetings

Our Package Includes

  • Become An EdTech Advocate (Equivalent to 4 days external CPD + online support) An in-depth CPD course designed around using technology in the classroom to give a member of your team the knowledge and skills to embed within school.
  • Coordinator Network Meetings (3 half days per year) Regular meetings with Computing Coordinators to share good practice, receive updates, and explore new resources and emerging technologies. 
  • School CPD Sessions (Equivalent to 3 hours per year) Dedicated workshops for school staff supporting them in the delivery of the computing curriculum and beyond. 
  • Access to prepared surveys and analysis
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