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Happy Little Girl


We understand that as parents, you want nothing but the best for your children during their summer break. That's why we have designed a club specifically tailored to engage and entertain kids aged 4 to 11, ensuring they have a memorable and enriching experience.


At our Summer Club, we believe in striking a perfect balance between digital adventures and active outdoor play. We know how much children adore Minecraft, so we have created a safe and supervised environment for them to delve into this captivating virtual world. From constructing awe-inspiring structures to embarking on exciting quests, your child's creativity and problem-solving skills will soar in this immersive digital playground.

We also understand the importance of fresh air, physical activity, and the wonders of nature. Our club offers a wide range of outdoor sports activities that will get your child moving, exploring, and having a blast.

Our Clubs Include

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