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Transition in a box

Be September ready! We know all Secondary Schools want to give their new Year 7 students the very best start to their new life at Secondary School.


Are you in an educational setting looking for additional support with your transition days?

Are you looking for activities that will encourage your students to socialise with others?

Are you looking to promote the well-being of your students?

Are you looking for a provision that will give your students a tour of their new school while keeping them physically active along the way?


Look no further! Here at Engagedu, we have the solution for you and your students…Transition in a Box!


The Box

Transition in a Box has been carefully packaged with ideas and resources which will get your students off to a flying start! Session plans will guide staff on how to use the box for this year...and the years ahead. Use the resources and media to bring the activities to life in your school.


Extra support?

Do you require an insight into how to set up and run your day. We are holding a free webinar with our experts who can tell you all you need to know.

Get your new Year 7 students fully engaged with Engagedu! 


School Kids

Head of Year 7

Thank you so much for leading this programme, it has been such a great opportunity for our students who have experienced things they may never have had the chance to do and they have thrived this year!

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