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EdTech Advocates

An in-person course for a designated member of staff to gain professional development in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. This modular course will explore all areas of the curriculum and give opportunities to gain relevant skills that they can disseminate to the rest of your staff.

Our Course Includes

What to expect

The course is based on 4 full days and 2 twilight sessions spread out over the year.

Each of the sessions will focus on different aspects of the computing curriculum and candidates will learn new skills, appropriate software to use, approaches to using technology within the classroom and also how computing can be used across all subject areas to help enhance the teaching and learning experience in your school.

There will be opportunities for candidates to try out activities they have learned back in the classroom and time for them to share their successes and outcomes in future sessions.


Builds a Community

The course includes the opportunity to build a community of practitioners, in order to collaborate, share good practice and build a network of useful relationships across schools.



Who should be nominated?

We would recommend that the candidate is an enthusiastic teacher with a desire to explore the possibilities of technology use across the curriculum.

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