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Autumn Newsletter: Crumble all the way

As we come to the end of what has been a very long and busy term, we would like to reflect on the excellent workshops we have had the pleasure of delivering over the past couple of months.

Seeing learners produce fabulous content and challenging themselves to use technology in creative ways as well and leaders and teachers willing to embrace new technologies in the classroom is what we love about doing this job.


School Sessions:

The term has seen many different computing sessions being delivered, ranging from working with reception classes on early coding concepts through to UKS2, learning how programming can relate to the real world through using Micro:bits and Crumble Kits.

On the creative side, we've worked with children to produce Air Raid shelters in Sketchup, posters to advertise the school concert in Canva, designing and creating wrapping paper to cover their Christmas presents and producing websites about the local area.

Schools have also been keen to have workshops delivered around the data handling theme and showing how this can relate to the real world is always a great way of getting children enthused in the topic. We've had learners using data loggers to test conditions in their schools, understanding how databases are used in the real world, using them to search for new houses or cars for their teachers and putting together budgets for a school trip using spreadsheets. All good real life fun.

As well as the gallery above, if you click the link below, you will see a selection of work created by schools this term.

As well as creating the content in these sessions, one of the biggest aims of the year is working with children and staff on ensuring the basics skills of technology are being taught and understood. Making sure learners (and teachers) are aware of why their devices should be shut down properly as well as learning skills on how to use their devices effectively have been fun topics to discuss!


EdTech Advocate CPD

Our new cohort of EdTech Advocates have come together twice so far this year. A welcome event, where they got to know each other and understand what the focus of the course would be. Then again in November where we looked at alternative ways to teach coding in the classroom with lots of offscreen activities and toys, along with using technology in STEM lessons, yes we can make maths fun and creative!

We have also gave them some basic skills they can be using with their learners as well as looking at general technologies they could be using in their classroom. One of those being Classroom Screen which it has been great to see being used as we visit schools.


Coordinators Network Meeting

Last month Computing coordinators came together for an afternoon of creativity. The theme of the session was looking at ways of using audio across the curriculum and beyond the classroom, ranging from children experiencing content already created to ideas for how they could create their own content for use around the school.

During the session, staff were immersed in the world of a stone age hunt as Clare James from @nowpressplay demonstrated their headphone technology to enable learners to listen to a variety of interactive audio sessions and then do follow up work.

We then continued to look at how children could create their own content to be used in collaboration with these or in other ways across the school. Great discussions all round and we look forward to seeing some of them in practice.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

One final session of the year we enjoyed was supporting St Luke's as we joined in with a festive code-a long delivered by the Micro:bit Foundation. The children created Christmas decorations and even Mr Skywalker and I learnt some new skills. What a great end to the term!

We hope you all have a wonderful break and we'll see in the new year for more fun-filled technology sessions.

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